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Is there a recommended way to add lines to the confconsole usage.txt file?

I tried: 

#add usage information
sed -i -e "6 a OpenFire Admin: https://$ipaddr:9090" -e "6 a OpenFire:   $ipaddr:5222" $USAGE
sed -i '9,10 d' $USAGE


I got this error when trying to patch an iso with the patch file:

/tmp/tklpatch/conf: line 38: =/etc/confconsole/usage.txt: No such file or directory

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Remove the leading $ in this line:


It thinks you are calling the variable instead of declaring it.

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I can't believe I made that mistake. I guess I've been looking at code for too long and it's starting to get all jumbled in my head.

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The reason I saw it so quickly is because I have made that mistake many, many times too!

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I would just use the overlay, its a lot simpler and less error prone.

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