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the turnkey tracks applicance is running under vmware fusion.  i've started to put in data but i want to be sure i can do backups and/or exports.

when i click on the "Export" menu item and then click the XML file download link I get a server 500 error.

is this feature supposed to work?  if so, any tips on how to troubleshoot?

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It sounds like this could be a bug. Maybe with the web server configuration. I filed a bug report which you can subscribe to and we can update as we get more information about the problem and how to fix it. If you fiddle with the configuration and manage to get it to work, post an update.

In the meantime I think there's a good chance the file was created and it's just a matter of getting it from the location it's in. You can access the appliance's filesystem using an SFTP client...

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I just tested in the 11.0RC (well, actually in the 11.0 development branch - but there haven't been any changes to Tracks) and all export options work.

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