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This is just a cosmetic issue when installing a patched iso, but I always get those "future timestamp" warnings. Is there a way to get rid of them? I tried making sure the dev environment's time is correct before running tklpatch. It is not a big issue, everything still installs fine, just annoying that those messages cover up the progress bar.

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That's usually a harmless warning message you can safely ignore, but I'm still curious what might be causing it but I'm not sure I'm following exactly what you mean. Where exactly are you getting these future timestamp warnings? A screenshot might help...
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This happened to me today for the first time while I was building and testing the patch to install drush.  I'm building the patch in one vm running TurnKey Core, then installing and testing it in a second vm.  I've done this several times and never had the future timestamp warnings before.  I did some checking and found that the time on the build vm is hosed, possibly from playing around with ntpdate.  I don't know what happened and I can't get ntp to sync up.  Time just keeps slewing along.  Guess I'll have to wipe the vm and re-install.

PS: I'm not having a problem with the test vm.  Time there synced up pretty quickly.

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I tried installing a patched iso today to get a screenshot and I did not get any of the warnings. I think it might only happen on the day that the iso was made because of timezone differences and the TKL Core dev environment not having been synced to the proper time/timezone before using it for development. By giving it a day, all the times are in the past and no warnings occur.

I did rebuild the iso and it happened again, so I am uploading two screenshots I took. At first the screen is the usual blue background, then it turns red. I don't know why but both screenshots are attached to the first post.

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