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Im am trying to load clipbucket onto LAMP.  The clipbucket instrcutions say to put folder (clipbucket) onto the server and then browse to it.

I get the files onto the server at /var/www/clipbucket - but when I browse I get a 500 internal server error.  I am sure this is something to do with permission config, since when I try to browse to a dir that I know is not present I get a 'not found' error.

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Check your log files, and you will find the reason why you get a 500 Internal Server Error.

If you are sure about that permissions are giving problems, then try to chown your files to the user Apache is running under (probably it will be www-data or something).

You may check solutions like mod_ruid, to get rid of these problems.

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I found out that I needed to enable the rewrite mod on apache.  After I did that it would execute, but had other php errors


I did the chown on the clipbucket dir first thing, so I don't think that was the problem.

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