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Power outage lost login

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Lost power on the machine running my Redmine installation. It' a local machine in my house so no UPS at the moment.


However, I was able to log into the redmine project menu and noticed I could no access any files in my SVN reposity. No structure at all. I logged out, rebooted and now I can no longer log into my redmine project, but my main console states "redmine login:" and I can't login to my system through any means. Am I hosed due to once crash? Or is there an easy way to recover?



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Bit the bullet and

Bit the bullet and reinstalled.....

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Ouch, I hope you had backups...

Did you reinstall over your original redmine installation? By chance that its still around, let me know and I'll try help you get it back up and running.
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It was a failry new install

It was a failry new install anyway to learn redmine with.. I had just moved my SVN from my windows store to the linux, so I still had the original. So, no I didn't loose anything.

Yes, I re-installed over the original, my svn is a separate TB drive from the apps.

Just wierd how it happened.

Only problem now is trying to copy a 25GB SVN dump for a backup.. Thats slow:)


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As an update, getting a bunch

As an update, getting a bunch of DRDY ERR's so sounds like I may have a HDD going bad  on this machine. That might have been the real culprit.

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