I probably should be in some VMware forum with this problem, but maybe someone could help me here, as i think the problem exists inside the Core Appliance  

I have installed the Turnkey- core appliance on a remote Esxi 4.0 server. This was done by using the standalone VMWare converter and the Online VMware-Go service  

When starting the appliance with the remote VMware console I get this error:  

"Unable to connect to the MKS: Could not connect to pipe \\.\pipe\vmware-authdpipe: The system cannot find the file specified."

Is it possible that something inside the Core appliance needs to be configured for this to work.

Sorry but I am from a Windows background and new to Linux, trying to get to grips with things


Thanks in advance





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I did try ESXi when I first evaluated hypervisors years ago but I wasn't impressed with it and found ProxmoxVE to be a far superior product (and not crippled at all) but anyway...

I don't recall anyone else mentioning this so not sure really (and I know that there are many others that do use ESX/ESXi).

Maybe you could just try installing from ISO?

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