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Hi all,

I have a problem connecting to the VirtualHost running on Port 80, the connection times out every time. The HTTPS connection on port 443 is running just fine. I checked the ports.conf and the apache server is listening on port 80. What am I missing?


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Hey Kai,

Not that I'm necessarily going to be able to help you out, but more info is needed before anyone will be able to.

Which appliance? Which plaform/base (eg VMware Server on WinXP, VirtualBox on Ubuntu 9.10 Desktop, bare metal install, EC2 install, some other install hosted remotely)? Where you are trying to access from (local VM host, LAN or WAN)? What customisations have you made? Can I think of anymore questions off the top of my head? Nope that's it!


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should have mentioned that I "resolved" the problem on my own. I wasn't told that there is a proxy in use. So it was my fault posting and crying for help before checking the network ;)



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