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I would like to know if it is possible to link the email system with the domain controller so that the user only has to remember one password and all accounts are managed via the domain controller for the email.

So every domain user automaticly has an email address setup for them when we add a user on the domain?

Many thanks.


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As I haven't done it, I can't help you out much with exactly what you'll need to do, but I would guess LDAP authentication would be the way to go (sort of mimics MS Active Directory). I'm assuming you mean using TKL PDC and TKL Zimbra appliances?

Zimra has some wiki pages that may be relevant if you wish to look at LDAP:

After a little more reading and searching I came across the idea of integrating with Samba (the basis of TKL PDC) with Zimbra (without requiring LDAP) which would be much neater (and possibly easier).

Have a look at this Zimbra forum thread (and a couple of useful looking links I pulled from the first page of that thread):
Hope that helps a little.

 Also be great if you document your progress (either just here in this thread, start a new thread, or over on the Dev wiki) as I'm sure other users would be interested.

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