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I'm moderately knowledgable linux user but new to apache, CMS and web design. I've installed the Turnkey Joomla appliance to teach my self Joomls and that side of it is progressing slowly. However, I've gone looking within the appliance file system for the website I've created, eventually I'll need to upload it to the ISP, and can't find it.

Places Iv'e looked:

/var/www         :only the apache "it's working" file.

/home        :it's completely empty

/usr/share/joomla15   :lots of other stuff but nothing I can idenify as my site

I've looked in the /etc/apache2/sites-enabled and the link joomla15 points to /usr/share/joomla15.

configuration.php sites_live var has no entry.

var $live_site = ''

Hints Please???

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My understanding is that CMS systems do not produce standard html documents that can be accessed or moved around in the same way a standard static web page can. They are not like a website authouring tool as such. As far as I know, the web page that one sees online is actually created dynamically by the server (your TKL Joomla appliance in this instance) and does not exist as an html page as such.

So my (educated guess) answer to your query is that your website exists as a series of data in a database and within config files, rather than a static 'website' that can be accessed in the way that you want.

But perhaps I've got it all wrong - if so, someone please correct me!

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Thanks JedMeister,

                             From the digging around I've done you appear to be correct but I've not found a definitive answer. I'm now working with my ISP to access Joomla on the server.

Thanks for your answer and activity on the forum.


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If anyone else is interested I found the answer to my original question about how to upload it to my ISP at the following article.

The turnkey joomla appliance saves the site in the jos_db mysql database.


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