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Just installed the moodle version (Virtualbox from ISO) and install seemed to go fine. When I start the server I am presented with the Configuration Console's Usage screen. I exit from it and command line asks for moodle username/password. Using the supplied (admin/turnkey) doesn't work.

Also, anyway to start a browser from the command line to I can access webmin, PHPMyadmin etc? (total newbie here)

Any ideas are welcome.



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username: root

Besides, I'm guessing you want to check Moodle out, rather than play round with Linux. At this stage you are probably not going to want to do anything here. Might as well restart the confconsole; type


To get started you'll want to open a web browser on your host machine and point it to the address displayed on the confconsole. On the page that loads in your browser you should find where the admin/turnkey combo works.

Also, one common gotcha early on can be forgeting to remove the cd/iso as the first boot device. If you forget it your VM will boot into the live environement and you will lose any data on exit. If you haven't already, I'd do that now.

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Firstly I'd suggest you sign up for a user account and subscribe to this topic so you'll know when someone posts a response.

Sounds like you may be having some sort of networking problem. Can you ping your VM from your host system?

A little more info would probably be useful too. Which host OS are you using? Which VM software are you using? Where are you trying to access your VM from (host, another PC on your LAN, over the net)?

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