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After I install moodle in hyper-v mode, I can access the admin site (https://moodle-site:12321) but I can not access the main learning/course site (http://moodle-site). Everytime I try to access the default site, it gives me an error. I attached the capture error screen on this message. I hope somebody out there can help me on this. Thanks.

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If so then it would seem that there is some sort of bug. Probably worth checking your Hyper-V settings and that your VM has sufficient RAM allocated etc. Also perhaps give it a few minutes to ensure the MySQL database has started properly.

If you navigate to https://moodle-site:12322 (phpMyAdmin) you could try creating a new database (call it something obvious that you won't get mixed up with any other databases/tables/etc - easier to delete the right one later). If that works you can safely assume that MySQL is running.

You could also perhaps try installing TKL Moodle into an alternative VM environment like VirtualBox, just to ensure its not a Hyper-V issue (Hyper-V has been known to not always play nice with older Linux kernels hence MS contributing code towards the Linux kernel relatively recently).

Beyond that I'm not really sure but it seems it may not be an uncommon problem for some users (have a look here on google). If you are keen enough to get your hands dirty you could have a read and a play and see if you can work it out. From a glance at the google link above, this (Moodle FAQ), this (google cache of Moodle forum discussing the issue - installed on Win but may be of use) and this (possibly the best one) look worthy of closer inspection.

Also if after some further investigation, you are sure it is a TKL bug then please log it on the TKL bug tracker.

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