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This may seem like a stupid question and I have searched the forums, buuuuuut ......

I can't seem login using using root, <blank password> via The LAMP Appliance url or via ssh

The VMWare console window says:

Welcome to LAMP Appliance, version 3

blah blah blah

To access a login console, press control-alt-f2

However, pressing alt + ctrl in the VMWare player stops directing input into the console, so ctl+alt+f2 effectively exits me from the console.

So, my VWare image is running, I just can't do anything with it, or am I missing something ?


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TurnKey appliances don't use port 8003, and don't output text to the console like you describe. Not sure where you downloaded the image from, but you might want to download it from here.

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