Hi guys, 

Last night, I installed the file server iso on an HP Xeon xw6200 with 4GB of Ram (proper single os installation, not a VM one), but I'm having serious performance issues: I tried to move a 100Mb file from a windows machine to the file server and it's taking 40 mins to complete the transfer... It took me 7mins to download the File Server ISO from the internet! :)

Are there any settings I need to tweak to achieve a more acceptable performance? 





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Although mine is not really standard. I'm using Proxmox (Debian based) as the Hypervisor. I installed to KVM from ISO then converted it to an OpenVZ template (Proxmox provides both KVM and OpenVZ). Beyond the conversion process and basic initial setup etc, it has no mods. It is sharing files and folders with a number of other machines (both virtual and physical) no worries.

I can pull a 700MB file from the server to my (old) Dell laptop over 'b' (54Mbps) wifi a few rooms away and it completes in about 3 or 4 minutes.

I would suspect some sort of hardware issue/incompatability. Perhaps the networking drivers are a little flakey? That'd be my guess. Find out what chip it uses and let google help find out if its problematic with Ubuntu 8.04 (basis of TKL).

Other possibilities off the top of my head are network congestion, improperly configured router and damaged or poorly connecting cables. A simple ping may assist diagnosing that.

Believe it or not, my problem was due to a dodgy cat5 cable...  

The funny thing is that the connection to the network was actually there, it simply wouldn't work at the right/full speed...

Oh well, you learn something new every day!

I have to say, Turnkey Linux is one of the best things I've tried this year.

You guys have done an amazing job! Thanks a million! :)


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