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All dressed up but nowhere to go? Drupal Amazon Instance

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 I 'took the plunge' yesterday, and created a turnkey drupal instance on Amazon.  I can see the instance running, everything looks ok...but now what?

What is the 'url' for the ubuntu control panel?  Drupal admin?

Hate to be the dim bulb in the string...but there you have it



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Hey Chris

Perhaps have a read over the documentation and elaborate as you see fit - its a wiki!

Jeremy Davis's picture

Hmm right you are.

Sorry to lead you astray. I was under the impression that logged in users could edit all the wiki pages. It looks like that one's been locked. I guess you could start a new child page or ask Alon or Liraz (the Devs) to unlock it for you.

Liraz Siri's picture

No good reason for this page to be "locked"

Thanks for the feedback and sorry for the locked documentation. We locked a few pages related to security (e.g., "how to verify the security integrity of a downloaded image"), but I think the Amazon EC2 tutorial was "locked" by accident. I unlocked it now.

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