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 I 'took the plunge' yesterday, and created a turnkey drupal instance on Amazon.  I can see the instance running, everything looks ok...but now what?

What is the 'url' for the ubuntu control panel?  Drupal admin?

Hate to be the dim bulb in the string...but there you have it



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Yep - this stumpped me also.

Got through the installation up on Amazon ok, had the instance running, and when I select to view the public DNS "" in my browser I see the default drupal home page.  Yeah!

But how to get to phpMyAdmin and webmin pages?  Not so obvious to some of us less brilliant folks.  But with a little bit of reading I figured out, if you follow the installation documentation provided:

First, within SSH be sure to open the README to obtain the random password  (this is NOT the activation key).

Then you can visit the control pages at:

drupal :


using root & random_password


again using root & random_password

Turnkey folk - good product but you might consider adding this bit-o-info to the docs.  :-)

Best regards,


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Perhaps have a read over the documentation and elaborate as you see fit - its a wiki!

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It doesn't seem that I have edit permissions. (even after signing in)

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Sorry to lead you astray. I was under the impression that logged in users could edit all the wiki pages. It looks like that one's been locked. I guess you could start a new child page or ask Alon or Liraz (the Devs) to unlock it for you.

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Thanks for the feedback and sorry for the locked documentation. We locked a few pages related to security (e.g., "how to verify the security integrity of a downloaded image"), but I think the Amazon EC2 tutorial was "locked" by accident. I unlocked it now.

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