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Tried it once, didn't seem to cause any problems - other than I suddenly had a whole boat-load of modules I didn't want or need, probably because it installed the new version in a separate directory with a different name.  Are there any known issues that I should be aware of, and is there anyway to make it *not* install umpteen dozen new (and unwanted) modules?




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which includes all modules whether they are required or not. Most should be put into an 'unused modules' (or similar) menu item - although some don't seem to.

Webmin is repackaged by TKL Devs as separate modules (in part to avoid the cluter you describe). Hopefully TKL Devs will update Webmin version with the next release.

If you want to revert to the older version you should be able to by updating webmin via apt - it will upate to the newest version in the repo (which is the older version). But be aware that you will be offered the update again.

If you are keen to keep the latest version then I'm pretty sure you can remove the extra modules (although I'm not 100% sure how). The Webmin site would be the place to look should you want to find out more.

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