I try to run the Standalone Tomcat Appliance with the VirtualBOX 3.1.4 but I get an error "Couldnt calculate SHA1 digest for file"turnkey-tomcat-2009.10-hardy-x86.ovf"

p, li { white-space: pre-wrap; } Have anyone any idea????? Thanks

Result Code:





IAppliance {e3ba9ab9-ac2c-4266-8bd2-91c4bf721ceb}

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But in the meantime you could workaround by installing from ISO. Note: if you do that, do not forget to remove the ISO (via VirtualBox config) prior to rebooting appliance. If you forget to do this, and don't choose "boot from first hard disk" from the TKL LiveCD boot screen (ie don't interact with the TKL CD boot menu) it will boot into the Live environment by default. Obviously this is not good as all data will be lost on reboot.

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