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I need to download some Drupal modules into the Turnkey VM but am having problems.  If I try

apt-get install wget

I get an error "E: couldn't find package wget"

If I try apt-get update, I get lots of errors relating to resolving hostnames.  I tried entering IP addresses for into hosts file, but then apt-get update just sits on that address waiting at 0% (as well as failing to resolve other hosts).


I'm a real Linux newbie so struggling to make some headway on this.  Any help appreciated.  Would be useful if wget was part of the core, although I know that has been discussed before!




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Make sure networking is set up properly. An easy way to check network connectivity is ping google or similar from within the VM eg


If that is indeed the problem, I'm happy to help you sort it out, but please provide a little more info about your setup (eg host system, vm software, etc)

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There's certainly a problem with the networking as I can't ping anything.  So I can get incoming network connections (I have Drupal installed) but don't seem able to get external connections.  Note that outside the VM, I have internet access.

System is the Turnkey Drupal VM, running on VMPlayer.  This is running on a Windows XP machine for what that's worth.  As it is a work laptop, the underyling network connection is running on a VPN.  Currently it is on my home network, VPN'd into work.  I can't even ping other machines on my home network.  I suspect its a configuration thing with the VPN as work tend to tie things down quite a lot.

Tomorrow morning I'll plug in directly at work and see if that makes a difference.



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and as you suggest try to get it working without your VPN. Once you can confirm that it is doing all the right things, then you can look at alternative setups, knowing that the basis is working as it should. It will make troubleshooting a whole lot easier if you can simplify the system as much as possible.

Also check that the Windows firewall (or any other firewall you may be using) is allowing VMware Player full access.

Another thing to keep in mind is that with "Bridged Networking" enabled the TKL appliance will appear to the network as an individual machine with its own IP address. If that is the case then if you wish to connect via VPN you will need to connect direct to it (rather than the XP host machine). I have limited experience in this area and am not sure of the steps required to acheive this.

An alternative route may be to use VMware's built in NAT (I assume VMware player also includes that but not 100% sure). If you go that direction then you will need to set the ports you wish to forward to the VM and you will access it using the XP host machine's IP. You should then be able to use a VPN connection to the XP host to access your TKL appliance.

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It's definitely a problem with the network setup and the way work locks down my laptop.  We will be doing proper dev on a server so normally connectivity won't be an issue; I was just trying to get a learning head-start!

Now I know that it's related to machine config, I can work on sorting it out.

Thanks for your help.


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