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Hi, i'm new to the turnkey appliances and i have an issue thats probably not even related to the appliance but i thought maybe some gurus over here could share some light on this.

I have a server consisting of several physical SCSI hard drive configured with RAID 5. I tried installing the fileserver to the hard disk by either doing a guided format or following the manual procedure and  in both cases I get the following error

isolinux disk error 01 ax 201 drive 80

To my knowledge the RAID shouldn't be a problem as it is considered to be transparent to the underlying operating system. My thoughts is that maybe the GRUB isn't setup properly. I have googled the issue but couldn't find a working solution. If this helps the live cd works and doing an fdisk -l shows the correct partitions.


Any help is appreciated.


King Regards

Andreas Michaelides

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Isolinux isn't used to boot from the hard drive it's used to boot from the CD. So if I understand you correctly you are having trouble booting from the Live CD you burned. Try putting that CD into another computer and see if it works there. You may have a faulty CD burn on your hands, or a faulty media drive.

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