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I want to setup my Torrent Server as a kind of p2p proxy (For bit torrent).

I have two internet links at my company, one is an ISP grade link (2mbit up/down) and the other is a cheap ADSL link (10mbit/5mbit).

I have p2p blocked over the 2mbit link, and i want to use the 10mbit just for p2p/bulk traffic.

I have a Turnkey Torrent Server linux in a computer with two ethernet boards.

The setup i want is :

Eth0 -> LAN ( receives connections from the users in local net

Eth1 -> WAN (Dynamic IP) does the actual p2p job to the world.

(I need to distribute some heavy contents thru p2p, while blocking non authorized p2p use).

How to configure this ?

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Sancho doesnt work from outside.

Even adding my network to MLDonkeys downloads.ini, allowed_ips, gives the same results : Connection refused.

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