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I want to setup my Torrent Server as a kind of p2p proxy (For bit torrent).

I have two internet links at my company, one is an ISP grade link (2mbit up/down) and the other is a cheap ADSL link (10mbit/5mbit).

I have p2p blocked over the 2mbit link, and i want to use the 10mbit just for p2p/bulk traffic.

I have a Turnkey Torrent Server linux in a computer with two ethernet boards.

The setup i want is :

Eth0 -> LAN ( receives connections from the users in local net

Eth1 -> WAN (Dynamic IP) does the actual p2p job to the world.

(I need to distribute some heavy contents thru p2p, while blocking non authorized p2p use).

How to configure this ?

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Sancho doesnt work from outside.

Even adding my network to MLDonkeys downloads.ini, allowed_ips, gives the same results : Connection refused.

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solved sancho problem.

the correct sancho port is 4001, not 12322 (MLDonkey GUI port).

How to :

1. Open torrent-server default web interface (https://hostip).

2. go to "advanced".

3. Select "Options".

4. Ports

5. change "gui_bind_addr" to the host ip. (Press enter to commit change).

6. change "allowed_ips" to hostip network (CIDR notation).

7. Go back to torrent-server default web interface (https://hostip)

8. Select "WebMin".

9. Networking "Linux firewall".

10. Add rules to accept TCP/UDP with destionation port 4001 (The correct gui port for mldonkey).

11. Restart.

Sancho will now be able to connect to mldonkey.

Now you need to go back to mldonkey admin interface and add new groups/users.

I think i can solve the multiwan port by removing LAN default gateway and adding a gateway to the WAN port (Making it the unique routing solution).

Later i will try to change protocol bind ips at the mldonkey web interface.


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