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Hi all,

We are novices in this.... we are trying out Turnkey XMPP and Web Chat and we've not reached any where... where can we get some documentation?

We have the server up and running, but don't know how to customise to our network, like renaming or adding chat rooms or users...

If some one can either guide us or point to any detailed documentation, we can get the service up and running...

Thanks to all

anth :-)

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I don't actually have any experience with that appliance and can't actually answer your questions, however I can give you some ideas.

Unfortunately there is not a lot of TKL specific documentation for many of the appliances. What little there is is pretty much contained on the appliance page which hopefully may be of some use. You may also find some relevant info for the specific components on their respective web sites: ejabberd & Squeqe

Also perhaps you can help rectify the documentation problem by writing some on the wiki. I would suggest making a child page here (click "add child page" link down the bottom).

Hopefully someone will be able to help you some more. To get specific help it may be useful to others to provide a little more info about your setup and what steps you have tried, etc.

Good luck.

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Thanks Jed,

We could progress a little with the limited info in the appliance page, but ...... going through ejabberd & Squeqe pages will mean a lot of reading and testing... which might take up some time

It is supposed to be and out of the box solution, but if some research work is also involved then probably we will look elsewhere, its unfortunate bcos is seems like a nice appliance. May if we can get some time we will try our best and hopefully post in the WIKI what we achieve something ....

Basically we just setup the VM appliance using VM PLayer, then followed instruction in the appliance page, got all the web interface up and running, but beyond that.... :-(




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Have you looked at the appliance page? It includes answers to your questions - though might need a little tweaking if it's not clear, so let me give it a shot.

Q: customise to your network, like renaming

The appliance includes a custom ejabberd-config script to change domain, administrative password and regenerate related secrets.

/usr/local/bin/ejabberd-config XMPP_DOMAIN ADMIN_PASS
# ejabberd admin interface user will be: admin@XMPP_DOMAIN

That will change the administrators password and update all configuration files to use the domain you specify. You can then test the new domain by updating your local hosts configuration so it points to the appliance:

/etc/hosts : appliance_ip chat.XMPP_DOMAIN XMPP_DOMAIN

Once your satisfied, you need to setup your DNS records. take a look at the appliance page for the example.

Q: adding chat rooms or users

You can do that on the fly with the speeqe web interface, or using an XMPP client.
You can also use the ejabberd admin console for more advanced configuration but you shouldn't need to for regular usage.


I hope the above helps. If something isn't clear, let us know.

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This is a really old thread, but you are right, the script has moved... I'm glad you got it sorted in the meantime.

Since 2010 there has been a major tidy up of TurnKey initialisation scripts and as all appliances have them now (to a greater or lesser degree depending on the appliance) they have been consolidated into the one place - namely /usr/lib/inithooks/bin/

So thanks for the heads up. I have adjusted the appliance page manually and done a pull request to fix the appliance readme (which is the source of the info on the appliance page when a new appliance is released).

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