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I am trying to get Turnkey WordPress installed using Sun Virtual Box, but the install

never gets passed the Linux Configuration Screen for Networking. It just gets stuck

in a loop either for Dynamic DHCP or Static DHCP. I'm using wifi as part of my Ubuntu

Lucid install. Does TurnKey support wifi?

Any help is greatly appreciated 


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When you say it gets 'stuck' at the Configuration Console, what do you mean? All of my appliance sit happily at the Config Console while working away in the background. These appliances aren't like a normal desktop OS (or Server OS with a desktop such as Win Servers). They have a local command line interface only (or will happilly sit in the Config Console). Unless you are familiar with the Linux CLI, then I would suggest you use Webmin to configure your appliance (in the web browser of your host system: https://appliance-ip:12321) , or if you wish to just start using WordPress: http://appliance-ip

As you are running in a virtual environment its irelevant what networking hardware your host OS is using, if the host OS can see it, your VM can use it (via bridging or NAT - depending on your setup). If you plan to run bare metal, then you will need to check if your WiFi is supported by Ubuntu 8.04 (basis of TKL). IMO a bare metal server relying on wifi only is not a great plan.

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