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Combining Several Turnkey Apps (Torrentserver and Fileserver)

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I'd like to add a torrentserver to my Turnkey Fileserver. Is there a simple and easy way of combining these two apps or do I have to go the long way of installing and configuring the programs for one or the other after installing one of the apps?

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Sabnzbd plus, simple idea the developers won't stand!

The fileserver and torrent server are allready combined. But is it an idea to add SabNZBd Plus 0.5 to it? It is available as package in the repo's, but I ain't sure if this is the 0.5 one. Anyhow, it should be a very little work to integrate it. I can do it myself, but I don't know how to integrate it with ClamAV.

And, how do I integrate it to a Samba 4 AD?

Edit: then rename Torrent Server to Download Server.

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Torrent Server uses File Server as its basis

So if you start out with TurnKey Torrent Server you get the File Server bundled in. Unfortunately, if you start with TurnKey File Server there is no automatic way to add the Torrent Server part. At least not yet. When we launch the backup and migration service you may be able to use it to migrate between different appliances.

For now, you'll have to do it by hand.

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Oh cool. So I can just start

Oh cool. So I can just start using the Torrentserver and I'll get the fileserver as well? Sweet! Thanks! smiley

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