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I have a couple of appliances running on Virtual Box linux servers. One is Joomla and the other is the Gallery appliance. I thought I could use port forwarding on my DLINK DIR-625 to send default traffic to the joomla and traffic with a specific port to the Gallery box. I though 8080 to Gallery. So I configured D-LINK and does not work. Do I have to change Gallery to listen on 8080 somehow as well??



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That's one way to do it.

And perhaps the only way, depending our your router. In my experience though, most routers have the ability to set the incoming and outgoing port. So using your Gallery appliance as an example, on your router configure it to forward the incoming port 8080 to the outgoing port 80 (to your Gallery appliance).

If that isn't available or you can't work it out, its actually pretty easy to change the apache port using Webmin. Just to into the Apache server settings and look for the listening port (which will be 80 or possibly 'default') and change it to 8080 (or whatever).

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Thanks - switching the Paache to listen on 8080 has got it working! I will look into the router configs too for future reference.

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