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This might be another noob question.

How can I install a downloaded theme when I'm using an image file?



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but if you can somehow do it within the Drupal admin interface would be ideal. Otherwise if you know where it needs to go in the file system then SFTP is the best option IMO. Filezilla is a good client. Make sure the VM is running and make sure you use SFTP not FTP.

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Cool - SFTP method worked - Thanks again

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I am a drupal newbie and I cannot figure out where the downloaded themes are supposed to go on the Turnkey Drupal. When I ssh in the server I see 2 locations one is /usr/share/drupal6/sites/all/ and one in /etc/drupal/6/sites/all/. Which path do I use?



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Short answer: /etc/drupal/6/sites/all

Longer answer: Drupal's webroot is /usr/share/drupal6, and in its webroot it looks for sites/all. You'll notice that /usr/share/drupal6/sites/all is a symlink to /etc/drupal/6/sites/all. This is to comply with the Debian policy / FHS.

Hope the above helps.

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Thank you for responding. Uploaded my new theme to /usr/share/drupal6/sites/all/themes/ and it worked like a charm. Thanks again.


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Hi I have installed Oracle Virtual Box and also installed Turnkey Drupal 6...Now it gave a message that access the drupal using the url from which browser should I access this...Host or guest?. How to open my browser in the guest VM. Kindly help

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TKL servers have no GUI only CLI so no web browser!

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Hi JedMeister..

    thanks for your reply.....anyway the purpose of the question was different. I got this partially answered by yourself in another reply to some one else in the forum that he must set the network mode of the guest VM in the virtual box as "host only". It worked fine. That is , I was able to access the guest VM server (Drupal) via the IP that it mentioned from the Host system. It was good. But now that is also where the problem is. The ip given by the guest VM are all local ips 192.168...and so how do I access the guest VM server via any other sytem in the LAN. The background for your clarification.

1. My host OS - windows 2003 SP2. It has a static IP and Wireless IP too (I have 2 static IPs one of which is directly my Host machine and other is made wireless...)

2. VB = Oracle Virtual Box and the N/W mode here is "Host-Only" . This was the default after installation

3. Installed my first and only VM (as of now) - Turnkey Drupal 6 (LAMP). Created it from the VM image shared by Turnkey. Default N/W mode was = " Bridge Only" and I changed it later after reading this forum , to "Host-Only".


Result - I am able to access my VM server via my Host machine but I need it be accessible across my WAN. How is that possible as the IP assigned or as in the Guest VM server is a local one (192.168...).

I don't think NAT is needed....

Kindly help

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It may be useful for you to understand the nature and differences of the 3 networking options in VBox. I was almost going to post it here but as it is not directly relevant to the OP and it is something that comes up again and again, I thought it better to create a wiki page in the documentation. You can find the page here. For your use, I'm guessing you'll want "Bridged".

If you still can't get it to work please post back and I'll try to help you as much as I can, but perhaps start your own thread rather than hijacking this one. Thanks :)

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Hi JedMeister

Sorry to use the same thread. I am desperate to resolve this. My Oracle Virtual BOX has only N/Settings and i.e Host-Only. And ofcourse VM has multiple N/W option and am able to select Bridge but that doesn't work for me. Kindly see the following..

1. Host - Win 2003 Sp2; Box = Oracle VBox (OVB) & N/W=Host-only, Host (OR VM) = Turnkey Drupal 6.19 (LAMP) and N/W = "Bridge Only"  Result - No access to the ip mentioned by the turnkey from Host

2. Host - Win 2003 Sp2; Box = Oracle VBox (OVB) & N/W=Host-only, Host (OR VM) = Turnkey Drupal 6.19 (LAMP) and N/W = "Host Only"  Result - Access to the ip mentioned by the turnkey from Host

3. In both the cases the VM IP was local ( etc)

Kindly help. Thanks for your definition but I have already gone through the manual multiple times



Bhagavathy Padmanabhan



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but I think you want to access the site from outside your local network? If so, first, your VM must have Network Settings to bridge, and you should be able to access it from the same local network where it lives (ie 192.168.x.x).

To be able to access the VM from outside the network, you should use port forwarding at the router level. That is, tell your router (which should have an external wan ip) that any petition made to port 80 should be forwarded to the local ip of the appliance. Is that what you need? 

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Hi Adrian

   No that's not what I am looking for.

Fact 1 - I have installed the VM in an win 2003 environment.

Fact 2 - My Host has both a static IP (122. series) as well as a DHCP for wireless which is in the series of 10.10.10.x

Fact 2 - when network settings of VM is "bridge" , the ip is still of the series etc but I am not able to access this from Host. Surprising from where the Guest receieved the IP.

 I thought when we set the VM network to bridge , this will seize the IP of the host or make a mapping to the host ip (in my case static and/or wan IP) but I get a totally different ip in the series etc which I am not able to access even from the host machine itself!!!

Fact 3 - when I change the VM network settings , then I get another IP series but again in the same 192.168.54 etc series which I am able to access from the host but obviously cannot access from lan/wan in my network as it is in the 192.168...series

direct question - how to map my guest netwok to host static ip so that I may be able to access my VM across internet...

Hope I am able to get some answer from any of the whiz in this forum.

Thanks for all of them who attempted to help me....I may not have benefitted probably because I have not understood it properly...

Kindly help



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correction in my earlier posting..

Fact 3 - when I change the VM network settings to Host-Only , then I get another IP series but again in the same 192.168.54 etc series which I am able to access from the host but obviously cannot access from lan/wan in my network as it is in the 192.168...series

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Not only is it rude to hijack someone else's thread, but it is frustrating for other users trying to find solutions to their (similar) problems when threads go way off topic. IMO it is somewhat ok to hijack your own thread. But when it comes to other people's threads; unless your problem is very similar or you are trying to help, then always start a new thread. As a general rule: new problem, new thread. If in doubt, start a new thread and post links to another thread(s)/post(s) you think may be relevant. Thank you.

As to your problem: I am 99.9% sure what you have is a networking issue, completely unrelated to TKL. Either there is something wrong with your VBox instalation (virtual networking) or a wider issue with your Windows Server install, DHCP server and/or network in general. IMO you will need to do some network trouble shooting to resolve this.

You could try setting a static IP in TKL (using the confconsole) to the IP range of your wider network but I doubt that will resolve your problem (but maybe if the problem is caused by DHCP issues).

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Hi Jedmeister

   Got your point.  I will start a new thread..Have made some research on this stuff through Oracle Virtual Box forum. But I will just end my post here logically to say that this is ofcourse not a TKL issue but not a windows or n/w issue as the server hosts applications and website and there are no issues.It is surely a configuration-knowledge-required issue.

To all others- who felt my post was a distraction to this original post- My apologies. I am okay if the moderator removes my post...



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I just got a bit frustrated when I asked you to start a new topic and you ignored me. Anyway, I'm not one to get personal so I'm more than happy to do what I can to help you.

Just because your server seems to do what it is meant to does not necessarily mean that it is properly configured. If something is going to break, then adding a different OS into the mix may be the thing that shows up misconfiguration problems (that have actually been there all along). I have had things that should work on MS server OS, not work because of issues that 'should' have effected other things but didn't seem to. Its a case of needing to do all the testing to troubleshoot the issue, even if you are sure it's not a problem. Better to completely rule things out IMO. ALthough you may well be right and perhaps its all just VBox?

Another point of consideration is that while I really like VBox, VMware server may be a better VM environment to be using in your circumstance. In my experience it is much better suited to an MS server environment, especially if you want VMs to run all the time (like auto start after those pesky Win Update reboots etc). Also if you continue to have the same issues with VMware Server then I would strongly suggest that it is something up with your 2k3 OS.

ANyway talk more, in your new thread :)

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