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What is the command to get back to the configuration console after dropping to the command prompt? Sorry if this is posted or documented elsewhere, I couldn't find it. Thanks
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Off the top of my head its something like:


Hopefully thats it!

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Thank You

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And thanks for supplying that command. Although if you want complete security for your machine, best way to go is have it physically locked up and access via SSH. Then as soon as you shut the terminal, you need your password to log back in anyway.

As has been discussed elsewhere before, unless you are stopping physical access, by locking the PC you are only stopping fiddlers not anyone who seriously wants to get into your system. If someone has physical access to a machine, then within minutes the root password can be reset and the new user can lock you out and take complete control (until you can get physical access and undo what they've done).

PS ConfConsole runs as root by default AFAIK - otherwise you'd need to enter the root password to change networking settings. In fact with TKL root is the only account enabled for login IIRC.

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Confconsole doesn't run until install is finished (after you reboot the system) and doesn't have anything to do with installation (application or otherwise). Even then it doesn't run until the firstboot scripts have finished. And it should run fine over SSH although by default TKL/confconsole uses DHCP to get an IP address.

So I'm guessing what you are really after is a way to pre-seed a static IP? TBH I'm sure it's possible, but I don't know how...

As a (not very pretty) workaround you could temporarily limit the range of your DHCP server to only one IP (the one you want to use as a static IP) then log in via SSH, startup confconsole, set the IP to static IP and reset your DHCP back to what it was.

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