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Big fan of TKLPatch here.  I'd like to write a patch that runs a script to modify a few files after the ISO is installed.

UPDATE: Learned about the inithooks system ( Nice!

UPDATE2: Learned about /usr/lib/live-installer.d/.  Double nice!

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Not too many people have gotten as far as discovering inithooks and the live installer hooks. Good for you! Is there an interesting new TKLPatch in the works?
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We're using live-installer.d to add a script that modifies /etc/mediawiki/LocalSettings.php after installation.  We need to do it this way because of the randomly generated mysql password, which your installer inserts into the configuration file.  We have a TKLPatch for this that will be released soon enough, though I'm not sure if anyone else would find it useful.

In principle we could have solved this by modifying the random-password insertion system, but we looked at that code for about two minutes and decided this would be the easier solution.

As for why we would want to do surgery on LocalSettings.php ... call me superstitious, but I'd rather not publicize the application until it's ready.  I'll make sure to let you know when it is, though.

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