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I am currently using the Drupal 6 TurnKey appliance.  I am also developing some Java servlets and so will use Tomcat as the servlet container.  However, those servlets will need to be on the same machine as Drupal, so should I:

1) Install Tomcat on the Drupal 6 TurnKey appliance?

2) Install Drupal on the Tomcat on Apache appliance?

3) Something else?

I'm not terribly confident at installing either Drupal or Tomcat.  If I take option 1, can I just do a apt-get install tomcat and it will just work or am I expecting too much?  Is there a path of least resistance?  :-)


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but I'm unfamilar  with the appliance so unsure of what mods the TKL devs may have added. If you look at the changelog (linked to on the appliance page) you will get an idea of what components TKL Tomcat includes (although the config will still be up to you).

Only one way to know for sure: try it and see. As per always make sure you back up your data before experimenting like this.

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