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I'm trying to install the drivers for ZD1211. I've downloaded with apt-get install zd1211-source but that does not install the firm. I don't know how to go next with that command.

If i try to make both i get errors with missing functions inside the source.

ZD1211-firmware is not avaliable (it was but isn't)

In debian is avaliable :

Is there any posibility to get it working for this wonderfull distro??



PD: i've got installed already the linux-headers/essentials/wireless tools and the symlink for build.

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You can try to install the .deb package using the dpkg command: cd to the folder where the deb is, like so:

dpkg -i packagename.deb

If it complains of missing dependancies then you can try to install them too, but don't bother going too far as you'll probably just end up borking it all together.

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