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I have got a Server with no operating system installed. Now what steps i need to follow to install a turnkey appliance with wordpress. It is compulsory to install a virtualisation software first. Which Virtualisation software should i start with. I need to install the Wordpress in two days. Please guide . Currently i am having an new server with no OS Installation.
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Bare metal deployments are supported when installing from an ISO. If you want Wordpress, I'd recommend installing TurnKey Wordpress.

So basically, download the ISO, burn it to a CD, insert into server, boot, choose "Install to disk".

You should be up and running with wordpress in a matter of minutes.

Good luck.

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Unless you have older hardware (and even then) I think a hypervisor OS as a base is a great idea.

As many who have been on here a while will know I am a strong supporter of ProxmoxVE and can highly recommend it. It's an open source offering that uses a combination of OpenVZ (container virtualisation - Linux guests only) and KVM (full virtualisation - suitable for any x86/x86_64 OS including Windows). It is based on x64 Debian (so needs a compatible CPU) and also requires CPU supported virtualisation (VT) to for KVM. It is ideal for headless operation as it has a quite powerful WebUI. It also supports clustering and other advanced features.

Other options include Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud (UEC), VMware ESX/ESXi or Windows Server 2008 w/ Hyper-V. I haven't used UEC but it may be a good option if you plan to use the cloud as its apparently compatible with EC2 (so you can easily migrate VMs from local server to cloud - and back again).

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