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joomla site is working, but am unable to install Akeeba or any other component - am hoping that activating the FTP layer for the joomla back end will get this working.

I know how to use cpanel to create an FTP account, but have looked at every menu option on the webmin app and can't find an equivalent.

How do we create an ftp account on the joomla appliance?

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I have been using TKL appliances for a while but I have always just used the root account for SFTP access.

I just checked and it seems that if you add a Linux user (either at the CLI or through Webmin) then they can also log in via SFTP (as long as logins are allowed for that user).

To add a user in Webmin, navigate to System>>Users & Groups. Then add all your user info making sure you select one of the password options. Once you've finished scroll to the bottom and click "Create".

Hopefully that will work for you. Let us know how you go.

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