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Hi my name is Dirk and I am new to Turnkey.
May be I am too silly to start or configure an image using vmware player,
but at the moment I am totally frustrated.

When I start an image for example Joomla, (turnkey-joomla-2009.10-2-hardy-x86),
I get the message that no interfaces are configured. I searched around and found out,
that I have change an entry in the *.vmx-File  (ethernet0.generatedAddress =)
My problem is, that I don't know which value I have to insert here.
All my trials end in: "failed to bring up eth0".
It would be great if someone could help a great dummy...

many Thanks,
I will drink some red wine in between...



Bring uo your VM and look for a tab to configure hardware. In there somewhere, you should be able to choose your active network interface card. You can then configure the interface for the VM to use bridged connection, which I think is the configuration most often needed.

Write back and let us know if this worked for you.



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