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I am looking at TKLpatch to help me create preconfigured iso appliances.

I can only get out to the public web via a ISA gateway/proxy that requires me to install cntml.deb.

For my regular linux installs I copy the cntlm.deb file manually to the linux app.

Then install dpkg -i  cntlm.deb.  

Configure the /etc/cntlm.conf file.

Specify proxy for system.  via /etc/bash.bashrc abd http_proxy=http://localhost:proxyport

Restart linux cntlm. 

Now I have access to the public web. It is only at this point that I can use apt-get update etc. to install other debs etc.

Do you have any suggestions on how I can extend the turnkey iso's such that I can do the above in an automated manner?

Do I include cntlm.deb in the deb folder for use by TKLPatch?


If I understand right, which kind of often I don't, include the deb in debs folder in your patch directory. I'm not sure of the order these get done in: debs, overlay, conf. I think the order is posted somewhere, but I don't remember where. So your deb should get taken care of before (if) you do update and install from the conf script.

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So to clarify

1 - drop required xxxx.deb file  for the appliance into patch's deb folder.

2 - Then in the conf script install it and it will be found.

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	debs/       # custom debian packages (installed with dpkg -i *.deb)
Although it's perhaps not crystal clear that TKLPatch actually runs the dpkg command. Furthermore the docs also show which order the things are done in (again possibly not quite as explicit as it perhaps could be):
    debs/       # custom debian packages (installed with dpkg -i *.deb)
    overlay/    # overlay applied to root filesystem
    conf        # configuration script to execute in chroot (rootfs)

This install order should suit your particular need:

Your .deb will install first and your conf file (and perhaps your proxy info) can be integrated using the overlay. I'm unfamiliar with proxy setup (in Linux) and an overlay file may not be the best fit, if not you will need to work out how to auto add the info (as a bash script) and add this code to the TKLPatch conf file. I imagine there would be no need to restart cntlm as when you do your install it will be starting fresh anyway. OTOH If you plan to use this as a nested patch within another patch at some time in the future, it may be worth including the restart in the (conf file of the) patch to eliminate this as a potential problem in the future.

Once you have this working it may be useful for others if you share your findings here.

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