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I performed a dist-upgrade (on my Druapl appliance) which upgraded apache, webmin, and a couple of other packages. I have not installed any other packages except whois. Now, I get this when I try to run MySQL:

ERROR: The partition with /var/lib/mysql is too full!

Indeed, df says that /dev/sda1 is completely full.

I have an ebs volume attached to this instance, so I can move stuff around. But there is nothing large on /sda1. I have not stored much there (about 130M).


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Other Drupal appliance users may benefit from knowing that the default backup interval for the backup and restore module that is installed with the Druapl appliance is one hour. If (like me) you have a database that has significant size (mine is close to 150M), this will fill up space very quickly...

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