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Hi Folks

Love the turnley stuff - I want to add another website to the turnkey Drupal6 appliance.


Created a Apache Virtual Server - all same info
   except modified document root
   port 8080
Restarted Apach2

Add new Linux Firewall Rule
   clone rule for port 80 and just changed it to port 8080

Change rights to the additional server document root
Also changed ownership to www-data to the folder & files..

Still won't let me access my new webiste - what am I doing wrong.



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Any help please...

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Hopefully someone else will be along to give you a hand but in the meantime, keep in mind that TKL is Ubuntu 8.04 server under the hood. I'm sure there'd be something on the net that would head you in the right direction. Ubuntu forums can be quite helpful although I would imagine in this instance you'd possibly find a blog post or tutorial that will give you the answer.

If you find an answer, perhaps post back here to help others that are in the same position as you.

Good luck.

Give me the output of netstat -ntlp and netstat -nulp

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