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All was working fine, until I reset the computer (Turnkey LAMP running in VMWare Server) and now it cannot get a lease from any DHCP server and setting a static IP does nothing.


There are 2 errors in startup that I am not sure whether were always there:


Host SMBus controller not enabled!


udhcpc[3560]: SIOCGIFINDEX failed!: No such device


The latter is more likely to be the problem, but it eludes me why it would start to produce error after a simple restart.


I'm really liking the package so would like to get this fixed instead of moving on, thanks!

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Nevermind, seems VMWare Server still has kinks with Windows 7, moved it to an XP Pro x64 box and it works fine again.

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Probably worth someone who is experiencing it to report it to VMware so they can try to fix it.

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