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I want to create a better symfony appliance with better tool support out of the box. Tell me what you miss and I will try to put it in.

for acutal information visit the git repositoriy ----> http://github.com/hoschi/tkl-symfony

The patch can be only applied to an appliance with mysql and apache2 installed e.g. LAMP. I'm working on a patch for beta-lucid.

This are the first thoughts and this is just for history.

  • symfony/php development patch
    • phing
    • dojo - can be easaly added with CDN
    • zend as symfony library
    • eAccelerator - faster PHP code
    • subversion client - to pull symfony in
    • git-core - have a powerfull "no server needed" SCM tool
    • phpcs
    • phpunit
    • pdepend
    • phpdoc
  • client tool patch
    • firefox,opera,chrome
    • ssh X11 forwarding enabled - already done by TKL guys
  • additional stuff
    • a sample project with the tools enabled
      php 5.3 - LAMP is php 5.2 and lucid has no LAMP patches yet
      Zend - if there is time
    • vim 7.2 - hardy is 7.1 with no syntax highlighting!
    • vim addons - with some php stuff to use as minimal IDE
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We might want to consider separating the client-side and server-side components. If I'm not mistaken if you install browsers you're going to get all of X pulled in as a dependency. That's going to bloat the size of the appliance considerably.

As an alternative we could put client-side and sever-side components into different appliances. Right now we don't yet have a client-side TurnKey appliance, but that's something we're planning.

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I plan this as a development box, rather than a deployment box. I agree with you that the size of the appliance matters and will test this. A "client side" patch with all major browsers would work, I think. I split my first approch in two.

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Sorry, I should make my idea a little more clear:

I want to create a development appliance. With this appliance a php/symfony developer should easy get a working development environment. To deliver that, all needed tools must be installed. I think of two use cases this appliance saves someone's time:

  1. a developer which don't use a VM yet
  2. a freshman which don't know about the defacto standard tools and how to configure/install it
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I changed the list with added, removed , optional and additional stuff, after my prototyping session yesterday.

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so anyone can fork it :)


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