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Ok so im trying to get my zimbra mail server send mail, which it obviously can internally. But i also have rogers, and for those who know or experienced, rogers is the devil's incarnate. anyways, i need to setup the mail forwarding or something so rogers is happy that im not a spammer or some noise like that. so i have my email account. then i created another account as server. it also asks for the username and password and name of the server, which i put in my name and password and name of the zimbra server. I submit the details and it says its going to send a confirmation code to the address. well the confirmation code never arrives. so i dunno wtf is happening there. is there conf file i need to change things in? anyone else set this up on rogers? keep in mind with your replys, if youre gonna go in depth with indepth programming noise, its gonna go right over my head. i live in an exchange world where things have a nice smooth flow to them.


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