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Guys, be aware of this: if you run a TKLPatch that uses mysql-server, it won't work if you do an apt-get upgrade before installing. I haven't tried after installing btw. But I'm running tests right now and I get 

 Setting up mysql-server-5.1 (5.1.41-3ubuntu12.6) ...

/var/lib/dpkg/info/mysql-server-5.1.postinst: line 51: status: command not found
/var/lib/dpkg/info/mysql-server-5.1.postinst: line 279: start: command not found
If you could please try it and see if it is a tklpatch issue, or a package issue. Or if anybody else have this problem!
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We're doing some funky stuff to get mysql to run inside a Lucid chroot. Maybe that has something to do with this. Added to my todo list to look into this.

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