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First off thanks for the great products. Your hard work is appreciated.  I would like to upgrade my Bugzilla VM to the release of 3.6 but have not found a way to do that. Is there a easy way to upgrade?

Thanks again,


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Is there a reason why you wish to upgrade? Is it beacuse there is a new feature you want, or is it because you are concerned about security?

The reason I ask is because if you are new to Linux you may not be aware of how the Linux package management system works. In TKL Bugzilla, the Buzilla program comes from the "repositories" (a big online archive of compatible programs). What this means is that in the interests of stability, all security bugfixes are backported to the old version rather than a new version being added. As an added bonus, TKL appliances are designed to automatically install these security fixes everyday.

Also TKL will be doing an updated release at some time in the relatively near future (I imagine in the next month or 2).

If you want a new feature or you want to upgrade to the current (or newer) version anyway (and can't wait for the new TKL release) then there is no really easy way that I'm aware of. Having said that, a quick google turned up the upgrading Bugzilla section in the documentation and it seems at least somewhat straightforward.

Please ensure that you do some sort of backup prior to upgrade just in case something goes wrong. It sounds like you are using a VM so you may be able to export your current setup or even do some sort of snapshot.

Whether it works or not, it may be useful for others for you to report how you go.

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The main reason is to get some of the new features in 3.6. I would like to try and upgrade it but I am a little new to Linix and wanted to see if anyone has done it yet and had the steps. Which is why Turnkey Linux is so great.

Thanks for the help.

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I also want to upgrade, the main reasons are:

1. BZ 4.3 is out there, and has tons of new features/upgrades.


The main thing for me will be to use SMTP by Google within BZ (which is not working in 3.6 (and lower even I think).


are there plans to create a new TKL?

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So even though there may not be upstream support, the Debian package maintainers should continue to backport security fixes to this version for the supported life of Squeeze... (possibly another 6-12 mths?)

But it appears that you are correcct in suggesting that there is no interest in providing debs for later versions. It seems that there is no Bugzilla package in the repos for Debian Wheezy (aka 7 aka stable) or Debian Jessie (aka 8 aka testing).

Although abandoning it altogether is an option, personally I think a better one would be to just install from upstream (as many other appliances do for software that is not packaged). I have noted this on the TKL Issue Tracker against the (still in development) v13 build, see here.

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