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I have the zimbra appliance running on ESXi 4.0.  I have set the DNS in Webmin with fourt name servers.  First the two for my godaddy domain hosting account and two for my access account with Road Runner.  I cannot see them from the appliance CLI with DiG, nameserver, host, etc., however I can see them from web based DNS look-up websites.  I have the appliance firewall open and the appropriate ports in my netgear FVS318 firewall/router from the DMZ where the server is.  Where else do I turn to insure the propoert DNS records are available?


Another problem, which may not be related, is that I can only access webmin from port 1000.  When set to 12321 it times out.

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Going on the fact that you can't use the TKL default Webmin port I'd suspect networking issues. Check to see if you can ping the DNS servers.

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I can now ping both the domain and the mail subdomain and it resolves to the correct public ip addresses.  However, I cannot log on to both the client and admin pages through a web browser.  It does work with the local lan address from my network. 

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It is now all working, the dns servers must needed to catch up.

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