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mantis and ldap

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I am trying to configure ldap mantis with support from an active directory and I would like to know if php is configured with ldap support.

I configured mantis with the configuration of my ldap server and a user trying to access my ldap server, mantis gives me this error:

LDAP Extension Not Loaded.

someone has configured mantis to authenticate users against an ldap server?

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Perhaps this is what you are looking for?

Have a look at php5-ldap. It may be the missing link? To be honest I have no experience with either LDAP or Mantis but that may do the trick? Although you may need extra config to get it all to work nice.

For future reference the current stable TKL release is based on Ubuntu Hardy so you can use this info to search for packages using the Ubuntu Package Search.

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LDAP Configuration


I am new to Ldap configuration

In our organisation Mantis need to configure with LDAP.

Pls suggest me how to configure Active directory to LDAP in Mantis.

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I'm not 100% sure...

But FWIW in TKL v13.0 the version of Mantis is 1.2.11.

Google found a couple of pages that at a glance seemed relevant; here and here.

I assume that will get you going but you may need keep the version in mind (as it comes from package management it won't be the 'current' version) so you may need to find some older docs...

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