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Before I was aways struggling to configure my VPS. Since a week I started using the Turnkey Lamp appliance. It's just amazing, everything works!

There is just one problem I can't figure out:
My server needs to run its own DNS. So I installed Bind 9 with apt-get and added the b9ddns module to webmin. Also dnsutils has been installed.

The bind deamon is located here (and started):

But the b9ddns module shows the following error within webmin:
Module configuration error: The command /etc/init.d/named could not be found on your system.

What did I do wrong? 

The only named file i can find is:

Within terminal the named command itself is working perfectly.

I Googled for quite some time. Only thing that came up was something about creating an symbolic link. Unfortunately the page was in Hungarian (and Google Translate did not make any sense).

Thanks for you time!

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Even with BIND9. Could be worth a try? It should be in the Turnkey repo so a simple case of apt-get install webmin-bind8 (or similar - if that doesn't work try apt-cache search webmin and look for bind8 or similar - I'm just going from memory).

As for getting your current config working, I'm not really sure. You could try a sym link but it may cause unexpected results? Just make sure you keep careful track of what you do so you can easily undo it if need be.

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Can anyone please tell me the steps to incorporate BIND into the TurnKey Lamp Stack. And if possible to make it hardened or safe from most attacks ( hopefully all).

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Google around for some tutorials...

For starters

apt-get update
apt-get install bind9

will install it, but that will be the easy bit. Configuring it and getting it working how you want (as you described in the other thread) will be the hard part and I have no idea how you'll go with that... What Eric said sounds reasonable to me.

I'm sure it can be done, but I doubt you'll find the info here on the TKL site. If you can't find it with Google then I thnk you'll need to find a forum that specialising in hosting and ask someone there.

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Thanks for the response Jeremy. Do you know if I put BIND into a chroot jail will webmin still be able to administer it?

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