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virtual server don't hit folder

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Using the joomla aplliance, with installed multisites.

I want to have a domain to reach a specific folder.

I have created a new virtual server in webmin.

Address: testing.mydomain.dk

Port: 80

Document Root: /usr/share/joomla15/multisites/testing

Server Name: Default

I copied a file to the folder, but get a "Not Found" message. If I copy the file to the Joomla root folder the file is found.

Can anyone give a hint what should be changed for this to work?

thx, Kim

Jeremy Davis's picture

I am unfamilar with Joomla but...

Let me clarify what you tried:

Going to http://testing.mydomain.dk/newfile.htm works when file is located in /usr/share/joomla15/newfile.htm

but you get file not found when browsing to http://testing.mydomain.dk/multisites/testing/newfile.htm when file is located in /usr/share/joomla15/multisites/testing/newfile.htm

Is that right?

Kim Schmock's picture

Found Solution

Thx JedMeister

It is correct., and I found a solution.

I edited /etc/apache2/sites_available/joomla15

Removed the entry:


And created entries for each domain and subdomain.

Regards, Kim

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