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I cant see Joomla on other LANs

i can see webmin on my LAN

port forwarding on port 80

i think it is not listening on port 80

any clues????

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I assume that you are suing DynDNS (from your nameserver records) which suggests a dynamic IP. If thats the case do you have your IP/DNS updating setup ok?

I'm getting some strange behaviour. Your domain (and the IP it points to) respond to ping no worries but tracerouting gets lost after about the 7th hop (in Melbourne AU). Using your link my web browser just times out.

I'd double check that your IP is updating correctly (there is a handy way using ddclient documented on the TKL wiki) and to help you check port 80 forwarding use a free online port scanning app like GRC Sheilds Up. Also keep in mind that many ISPs block connections on port 80 (and other common ports). If you can't get port 80 to work correctly, perhaps try forwarding 12321 (Webmin) and see if you can access that.If that works but 80 doesn't then you will either need to use an alternate port (eg 8080) or look into a different ISP/plan that allows use of port 80. If you are in Australia (which it seems you may be from your domains whois) then i can highly recommend Internode, they block ports by default but you can easily unblock them yourself on your user account page.

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