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Hi all

I am new to joomla, so i decided to work with turnkey for my first site.

I have created something and i could like to have a second opinion about it from some friends. so i decided to set up a webserver, since half the job is already done for me.

Having Apache on Turnkey, doesnt that make it a webserver? I cant make it to work no mater what! I forward port 80 from the router to the local ip address of turnkey, but when ever i type my global ip i always end up connecting to the router.

i guess that the problem is there, the router doesnt forward the request to the apache server

any help? thanks

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The steps you describe are correct, it should be that easy, just forward port 80 to your joomla tkl ip, and you're done. When you say that you end up connecting to your router, do you mean the configuration gui? 

Also, some ISPs block ports for residential accounts. Check with them that they don't have a firewall blocking your ports. If so, you can ask them to disable it. I had to do that with my ISP, as by default they blocked some ports. 

Hope this help!

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I have heard of some routers reacting strangley (showing their config page as you describe) when you try to browse to your external IP address from inside the LAN. If you use an online proxy then you will avoid this possibility.

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I actually didnt know that, but i called my isp just to see if there was something wrong and they told me about it. i changed it but i still get the same page. and yes, i mean the configuration page. I will call some friends tomorrow to check it, since its quite late now, just in case JedMeister is right and the site is visible from the outside world.


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about the external ip access thing

ppl from outside my network can see the site allright, but i cant. the point is that it works!

thank you both!


could i ask you something else, now that i am here?

what do i have to do to set up a mail server on turnkey in order to receive emails from visitors of the site? i have a contact form and i want this to be sent to my inbox. Also i have a virtuemart templete on, and i want the order to be sent to me directly, without having a paypal or bank account. I am starting small, i will first make it simple, so i recive the orders and then maybe i will get the billing as well.

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Use your ISP mail account. Or you will need a domain registered so you can point it's DNS MX records to your home server. It's not easy to do it, and you will only be able to receive mails, because due to spam, residential ip's don't have permission to send emails. It's a complex subject, I've managed to setup a Zimbra at home (not the TKL), and was able to send and receive, but all outgoing mail is treated as spam. You will have to deal with reverse DNS that is not nice to play with. 

I suggest you avoid big headaches and use your ISP or buy a cheap account on any host to manage your email. 

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how do i set up joomla to use my isp account, which i dont use, and have no idea how to use it, but that is the easy part.

could you tell me what option is in joomla that i should change?


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I managed to connect joomla with google, not so difficult after all. just had to eneter the smtp settings for gmail.

thanks again

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I really like Gmail, especially if you want to use a domain. You can set up GoogleApps free with a domain and its heaps better than settting up your own email server and heaps bigger (7GB) than most ISPs let you have.

PS Glad you got all your other stuff sorted out.

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