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Hi Just installed turnkey LAMP and when running the command /usr/bin/vmware-toolbox & i receive the following message: /usr/lib/vmware-tools/lib/ not found Anyone have any help? Kev
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No help here, just the same problem, freshly installed turnkey-lamp-2009.10-2-hardy-x86. Did you have any luck in the end? Or does anyone know where I need to look to fix it?

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We trimmed down vmware-tools to remove the client-side GUI parts we weren't using in TurnKey. vmware-toolbox requires X to function and if I'm not mistaken doesn't provide much of a benefit if you're not using X (the Linux graphics server). TurnKey is optimized for server side applications that don't need a full desktop environment.

PS: Sorry for the late reply Kevin. I missed this post. Thanks for bumping the thread Barry!

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when talking tools and toolbox are you both referring to the same thing?


VMware Tools is way more than a graphical features.

When running in a VM environment, VM tools helps with

memory allocation and cpu utilization, as well NTP sync with 

VM host (as NTP is always an issue in VM).  


If you allocate 2 Gigs of ram to a VM and it's not utilizing 

but 512k, or 1 gig, the rest is reserved and not used by

the VM or any other VM for that matter.  VM tools helps make

this available to the rest of the VM's until it's needed again.

VM tools also provides more flexible and efficient network

adapters and other tweaks.

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It's the 'toolbox' component that won't install without a GUI.

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