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Hi, I try to manage "disk and file systems", but this button/ menu is not available in my webmin. Tryed VM and ISO, installed serveral times. I searched the forum, but found no matching help. thx for help

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I don't know what exactly you're trying to accomplish so it's difficult to recommend something specific but you should probably take a closer look at the following webmin modules:
# apt-cache search webmin-|grep -i disk
webmin-format - Webmin module - Partitions on Local Disks
webmin-fdisk - Webmin module - Partitions on Local Disks
webmin-mount - Webmin module - Disk and Network Filesystems
webmin-quota - Webmin module - Disk Quotas

FYI, you can install a Webmin module like this from the command line:

apt-get install webmin-fdisk

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