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I've searched high & low and I can't find information as to which database backend the Turnkey Trac Appliance is configured to use after initial startup.  And... I can't find sqlite, postgres or mysql installed on the machine.  Can someone kindly provide the answer.  Thx.

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The TKL Trac changelog doesn't list one anyway! All other appliances (that I've checked) state the DB name and version in their changelogs. Or perhaps there's been an omission?

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Trac uses SQLite, you can refer to the package manifest for the sqlite related packages/libraries. The convenience script located at /usr/local/bin/trac-initproject configures the projects to use the SQLite backend, take a look.

If you think we should change the backend to something else, let us know (and your reasoning).

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Thank you.  I had finally stumbled onto that myself.  What threw me was no reference in any documentation that I could find (other than by default Trac uses SQLite).  And things like whereis and apt-cache policy weren't turning up anything either.

Also my thanks to all involved in Turnkey Linux - excellent work.

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I should've thought of that! I've been around here long enough!

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