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Hi, Im planning to migrate our current Ubuntu File Server to the TKL File Server appliance. I am testing it right now, the main reason for the change is the backup mechanism (TKLBAM). I just did some tests and it is simply amazing!


The problem im having right now with this test installation is that after my comp boots, I get the following error: 

No interfaces are configured


But If iI hit ok then DHCP, it requests and configures the IP no problem. What can be the cause of this?


Also, If I want to install this appliance to an existing RAID array (linux software RAID using mdam). Do I have to recreate the array in order to install? or can I just erase the contents of the current array and install TKL there?


thanks in advance

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Helpful aren't I?!

Assuming you are speaking of the current stable TKL Fileserver appliance (because thats pretty much what you said)  I have no idea. I've not had that happen to me with the any of the current stable TKL appliances (the Lucid based TKL beta has has a somewhat similar bug but it has been fixed and the next release will not have it).

Also software RAID in the current stable TKL releases is not officially supported (as in the devs have no info about it) and no one on here is yet to report that they have it working (although a few have tried). That is not to say that's its not possible (TKL stable is based on Ubuntu 8.04 which AFAIK does support software RAID). Bottom line you're on your own there, although if you hit any snags you can always post back and hope for the best. Also if you do get it working, please post back info as I'm sure others would be interested to hear how you do it.

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