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I love my LAMP VMs - but i REALLY want to run one on rackspace cloud. I have tried HUB and it's great but i cannot afford 50 bucks a month  - rackspaces' smallest instance is only 11 bucks a month.

How can i build the same ubuntu build as the LAMP VM to the exact. i.e apache myswl webmin etc.

I don't want to have to manually type every apt-get command. -  just wondering if there is a build / provisioning script already made?

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thanks... but this isnt a turnkey lamp implementation is it?


 nor include webmin etc?

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including Rackspeace (see Liraz's comments on the thread I link to below).

At the moment though there is no easy way. Another TKL user has done it (see Jomy's post here) but it looks a bit painful and the thread suggests that he's been having problems with Shell-in-a-box. AFAIK the only other option is to try to make something similar using Ubuntu LAMP server and apt-get (although some components may need even a little more than apt-get).

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